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GuildWar Winner!

Server Features!

Server Version: 5017 / Type: Classic
First Reborn only Maximum of +9 items
Maximum of 130 levels -5 Bless
Old Classes (Tro, Archer, Taoist, War)
Get socket's by spamming
Rates: Medium | Red / Black DROP Gear No Nobility / No Potency / No Talismans
No Ninja / No Mentors / No Item Lock

Union Conquer

What does make us special?

All features tested and working fine like it was at the old days of Conquer Online.

Classic and pure interface

The closest classic experience you will find

Custom additions and keep the server as interesting

Exact calculations of Attack/Defense

Union features

Low hunting, exp, prof, skills and socket rates

Red/Blacks drop items

No battlepower, cps, shopping mall, lotto, steeds and talismans

No donation items, garments, gourds, +110 items and +125 monsters

No classes such as ninja, monk and pirate

Union Conquer